Your franchised restaurants are surely your largest asset...

Yet you probably know less about their value than you do your bank account or stock portfolio.

For those assets, you get MONTHLY statements, down to the penny — so why don’t you know the value of each of your restaurants each month?

Isn’t that why you’re working so hard? 

QuikVal℠ gives you this important information for only
$100 per month per restaurant.
That’s $3.30 per store per day — less than the price of a single burger-and-fries meal.

WHY QuikVal

You are in business to build wealth, and you’ve made a large investment in your restaurants. Why isn’t there a way to regularly track the value of your units?

Because until now, business valuations have been focused on presenting a SNAPSHOT of your restaurants’ financial picture — FROZEN at a single point in time.

Such valuations capture information for purposes of URGENT, ONE-TIME situations, rather than offering a LONG-RANGE VIEW of each restaurant’s continually fluctuating value…and a chance for you to PLAN for those situations.

The “secret” everyone knows is...
lenders set the value of fast food restaurants by what they are willing to lend.

QuikVal℠ has developed a new methodology: We KNOW the relationship between the rate of return REQUIRED by a lender and the rate of return DESIRED by an owner.

Our proprietary algorithms are applied to your monthly financial statements and information about EACH UNIT, to data from the foodservice industry and the economy to give you a MOVING PICTURE of each restaurant’s monthly value for each month you’ve provided us financial data. 

The result is a whole new way of looking at your restaurants’ value:

  • Quickly.
  • Accurately.
  • Affordably.
  • Monthly.

QuikVal℠ is the ONLY restaurant valuation service that can offer it.


Conforming Valuation

  • One-time analysis (for your restaurants, usually taken as a GROUP) reflecting a single Valuation Date, FROZEN in time
  • Required in cases of Estate and Gift Taxes, and in any legal proceeding
  • Applies valuation theories to closely held companies that were designed for public companies
  • Turnaround: Weeks
  • Cost: $2,500 to $5,000 or more for each one-time valuation


  • Valuation of each unit, each month — a MOVING PICTURE of each restaurant’s value over time
  • Essential for PLANNING,  where detailed historic financial performance and trends provide crucial insights
  • Valuation based on the amount a lender is willing to lend. Proven accurate and reliable in M&A transactions for more than 30 years
  • Turnaround: Days…or Hours
  • Cost: $100  per month, per store ($1,200/year/store) to track the value trend of each store across months of  data that you provide to QuikVal


  • How does the value change from month to month … and year to year?
  • Is the value the same to me as it is to a buyer?
  • What is my equity in each of my restaurants worth … and how has that value changed over time?
  • When is it time for me to seriously consider the dollars and “sense” of Refinancing? Expansion? Sale?
  • Am I in a position to negotiate better terms from my lender?
Read more about our methodology here


Our proprietary QuikVal℠ algorithms have proven accurate and reliable for more than 30 years of restaurant consulting and analysis. The QuikVal℠ advantage is now available to restaurant owners/operators through easy online access.


With more than 30 years' experience in the economics and financial analysis of the US foodservice industry, Craig Salvay recognized the need for a rapid, dependable, and affordable method of restaurant valuation for franchise owners/operators — whether they have a single unit or an entire franchise group. He developed the QuikVal℠ proprietary method of analysis to provide a depth of detail that is highly informative and applicable in situations not requiring conformity to IRS regulations (59-60, et seq.) or the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

He has valued, marketed, negotiated and closed transactions related to food production (meat and chicken processing), food distribution, supermarkets, and fast food franchise systems, including: Applebee's™, Wendy's™, McDonald's™, Burger King™, KFC™, Taco Bell™, PizzaHut™, and Domino's™.

Craig has consulted with clients regarding their internal accounting records, relationships with lenders, and investors and strategic plans for expansion/contraction. He is often retained to analyze clients' positions in their industries, to assess the outlook for their industries, and the economy, and to identify business and financial risks from changes outside clients' businesses or industries.

Craig holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and a Juris Doctor degree from St. Louis University. He is a member of The Missouri Bar and became a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) of the National Association of Realtors© in 1986.


Jeff Petersen has extensive hands-on experience in restaurant and foodservice operations, finance and IT in restaurant concepts ranging from quick service to fine dining. Over his past 15 years with foodservice companies, Jeff held key management positions ranging from Director of Operations to Owner/Operator. Also, he worked at the highest corporate levels in Finance, IT & HR in a multi-concept restaurant group with units ranging from fast casual to fine dining.

Jeff has used his extensive experience in debt restructuring, debt/private equity procurement, expansion/consolidation, strategic planning and financial-analytic skills to assist clients in understanding the past, present and projected future finances of their enterprises. He brings a deep understanding of operations and finance to QuikVal℠ clients' businesses, and of their challenges and opportunities.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business and Marketing from Park University in Parkville, Missouri.


"QuikVal℠ is a welcome resource to restaurant owners and restaurant valuation experts. Its author, Craig Salvay, brings decades of industry-proven expertise and data to its development and ease of use. This valuable service is a must in your quiver of 'appraisal insight' arrows."

Alan Karbousky, CFA, ASA
Chartered Financial Analyst
Accredited Senior Appraiser, Business Valuation
American Society of Appraisers
Santa Rosa, CA

"Knowing the value of my restaurant is as important as knowing my customer. QuikVal℠ lets me see the value of my investment at any point in time."

RonHendrix, Co-Founder (and prior owner)
First Watch Restaurants
Sarasota, FL


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