QuikValSM Values Restaurants
A restaurateur, like any business owner, should know "What's my business worth?" The question gains urgency in situations such as death, disability, divorce, sale or merger. In most instances, obtaining a rapid and reliable answer to this basic question should be fairly simple but often is made unnecessarily complicated.

Business valuation is as much an art as a science, but many business valuations are performed at great expense, taking long periods of time and using complex principles of accounting and finance that may not be applicable to a particular business or industry.

The QuikValSM Solution
That's where QuikValSM offers restaurant owners a rapid, reliable and affordable alternative. You input some basic information about your restaurant or restaurant group, and QuikValSM gets back to you quickly with a concise and accurate answer to your basic question, "What's my business worth?"

QuikValSM focuses on the capacity of a restaurant to repay debt after paying all its operating expenses and after making investments in equipment and improvements to maintain its image.

If your restaurant?s financial data show a value for its assets greater than for its cash flow, QuikValSM will inform you that its methodology is not applicable to your valuation, and there will be no charge for any work done to make that determination.

Please refer to our Methodology page for a further explanation of the unique and proven process utilized by QuikValSM.