Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Thank you for visiting This web site is maintained by QuikValSM, LLC, 5250 West 94th Terrace, Suite 115, Prairie Village, KS 66207 (Kansas City area). We can be reached via e-mail to

Information We Collect
QuikValSM does not collect identifi able information about its visitors and clients, except when that information is specifically and knowingly provided to us by our clients. QuikValSM collects data about our clients on this website for the purpose of valuing our clients' foodservice establishments.

How Information Is Used
QuikValSM values restaurants based on their capacity to repay debt after paying all operating expenses and after making capital investments necessary to maintain EBITDA. In order to perform a valuation, QuikValSM needs financial information about the restaurant being valued; once collected, that information is analyzed in reference to certain market data and using proprietary algorithms. QuikValSM uses your data to analyze each individual restaurant unit or restaurant group at the request of our client.

Data from individual restaurants may be agglomerated in order to assess trends in a market segment or in the industry as a whole, or to form a statistical basis for comparison to other individual units. None of your data, however, whether financial or non-financial, is ever used in a format that allows our clients or their businesses to be identified.

A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's hard drive that contains information relevant to the user. QuikValSM only uses cookies to allow the user to collect information you choose to give us, to transmit that information between QuikValSM and you, our client, and to re-populate our data entry form.

Choice and Consent
You may choose whether or not to provide any information to QuikValSM. If you choose to provide information to QuikValSM, then you have consented to our Terms of Service, as posted on this website, and to this Privacy Policy.

Wherever our clients' information may be held by QuikValSM, we intend to take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect that information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Commitment and Trust
QuikValSM is committed to maintaining your privacy. We recognize that you have shown trust in us by sharing private information about your foodservice establishment with us and by asking us to value it. We intend to keep that trust. We welcome suggestions about this privacy policy and the practices that underlie it. While we cannot guarantee privacy perfection, we will address any issue to the best of our abilities as soon as possible.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted on this website at the time they are to take effect. If you have any question about any part of this privacy policy, please contact us via e-mail to