Craig Salvay
Craig brings to QuikValSM more than 20 years of experience in business valuation, investment banking, and mergers & acquisitions in the foodservice industry. He developed the proprietary formulas and methods that form the basis for processing of QuikValuationsSM.

He has valued, marketed, negotiated and closed transactions related to food production (meat and chicken processing), food distribution, supermarkets, and fast food franchise systems, including: Applebee'sTM, Wendy'sTM, McDonald'sTM, Burger KingTM, KFCTM, Taco BellTM, PizzaHutTM, and Domino'sTM.

Craig has consulted with clients regarding their internal accounting records, relationships with lenders and investors, and strategic plans for expansion/contraction. He is often retained to analyze clients' positions in their industries, to assess the outlook for their industries and the economy, and to identify risks from changes outside clients' businesses or industries.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in Economics, he received a law degree from St. Louis University, and is a member of The Missouri Bar Association. He earned the designation of Certified Commercial Investment Member from the National Association of Realtors© in 1986.